Rhodium (III) chloride solution in HCl

Synonyms: Rhodium trichloride hydrate

Molecular Weight: 209.3

Linear Formula: RhCl3 solution

CAS Number: 20765-98-4

Properties: Red liquid.

Rhodium(III) Iodide

Synonyms: Rhodium Triodide

Molecular Weight: 483.6

Linear Formula: RhI3

CAS Number: 15492-38-3

Properties: Black hygroscopic crystals.

Rhodium(III) Nitrate Solution in Nitric Acid

Synonyms: Rhodium trinitrate

Molecular Weight: 288.92

Linear Formula: Rh(NO3)3

CAS Number: 10139-58-9

Properties: Amber to red-brown liquid.

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